Grab Your Chance to Preview Sorority Row Screening

When Five Sorority Girls Inadvertently Cause The Murder of One of Their Sis in A Prank Gone Horribly Wrong, They Agreed to Keep it As Secret , So They Could Go On With their Life. However, Said is Easier Than Done. After their Graduation, They are All Reminded of Their Past.........
To Know What Happen to These Sorority Sisters Spare Your Time & Day at 9:30pm on 1st Oct to Cathay Cineplex, Damansara.

Remember to bring along your Token & SMS Reply, then come early (8:30pm onwards) to redeem tickets.

If you not register yet.......Fast, go flip through 1st Oct Issues of

  • Gempak (G237)
  • Utopia (U163)
  • Comic King (CK113)

for more info and registration.

Good Luck & See You on 1st Oct! :)

*NOTE: This Film is Yet to Be Rated. In The Event of An 18 Rating. The Cinema Reserves The Right Not To Admit Anyone Below The Age of 18.

Kupon dalam Grafik Novel GEMPAK STARZ

Apa kegunaannya kupon dalam Grafik Novel GEMPAK STARZ???

Sebenarnya, kupon tersebut digunakan untuk menukar barangan GEMPAK STARZ yang anda minati.

Contoh Jadual Penukaran Barangan adalah seperti berikut:-

18 Keping Kupon

Siren (Vol. 1 – 10)

Siren (Vol. 11 – 20)

Jam (Vol. 1 – 5)

Baju-T Kijiya (Saiz: S)

15 Keping Kupon

Master Q (Vol. 1 – 3)

dan berikutnya….

Sila dapatkan BORANG PENUKARAN BARANGAN dalam majalah Gempak, Utopia atau Comic King dari isu Ogos hingga isu Disember (perhatian: bukan dalam setiap isu). Anda juga boleh mendapat borang tersebut melalui

(Untuk dapatkan Borang Penukaran Barang, sila klik di sini)

Kaoru's Illustration Book

After illustration book by Puppeteer(Verge) and Puyuh(Astro Cityzen), end of this year, at 100% GEMPAK STARZ event, we will have a brand new illustration book by Kaoru. This yet to be title illustration book is a compilation of covers, posters, black & white pin-up and color illustrations done by Kaoru from 2004 to 2009, to thanks her fans for supporting her all these years, Kaoru included some of her never before seen illustrations into this collection. So, don't forget to join us on the 21st November at Sungai Wang to grab this illustration book!

Kaoru X Comic Characters of Hung Fook Tong's Ambassadors

Hung Fook Tung, a no. 1 sale in Hong Kong, launched its famous herbal tea on 28th August in Malaysia. GEMPAK STARZ™ had been invited to draw the comic characters of its ambassadors, the renown Malaysia Chinese radios' DJs, Cheryl (988), Phoebe (MY FM), Royce (MY FM) & Jeff (one FM) in the T-shirt that absolutely for Hung Fook Tong’s Launching and Road Shows. To accomplish the exclusive T-shirt's comic characters with our profession, we present the first female comic artist in Malaysia, Kaoru, who known for her attractive manga-influenced style, to draw the comic characters of Hung Fook Tong's ambassadors in the exclusive T-shirt.

The T-Shirt contains five designs, among, four designs are the comic characters of individual ambassador. While, the fifth design is the grouping of the four ambassadors' comic characters
The Grouping Ambassadors' Comic Characters

Comic Characters of Cheryl (988) & Phoebe (MY FM)
Comic Characters of Royce (MY FM) & Jeff (one FM)

Hung Fook Tong's Product Range in Malaysia